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All You Wanted to Know: Spring

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Oh, what to say about Spring? There is something about seeing our Studio full of colour and delicate flowers after a long winter that makes us feel good about the world!

Spring flowers start to come through in late February and carry on through to April and early May.

So what can you have?

Some of our favourites would be:

Lily of the Valley – This sweet and beautifully fragranced flowers works well as a potted plant table centre or cut into a spectacular bouquet. Be wary, this is the most expensive flower in the world so a bouquet will set you back a pretty penny.

Ranunculus – these gorgeous flowers are often used as stand-ins before peony season but they are so much more than that! These gorgeous flowers pack a punch with their colour and texture but have all the softness that makes it a perfect flower for weddings. The butterfly variety is a bit of a dreamboat too.

Fritillaria – These unusual flowers bring amazing texture and intricacy to your tables or bouquets. Their delicate petals have the appearance of snakeskin, but don’t let that put you off! These flowers are just stunning.

Tulips – A spring classic. Double parrot tulips are another P&P favourite. The double lining of the petals gives beautiful volume and the crinkled edge adds a wistful texture.

Genista – May not seem as beautiful as some of its Spring counterparts but the fragrance of this flower is incomparable! Perfect for tall vase arrangements or meadow style dressing.

Scabious – Unfortunately named, beautiful in person – scabious is a beautiful flower with a happy seed base and intricate petals around the seeds. They come in a range of colours but the light blue is our favourite.

Lilac – This delicate flower has a beautiful scent and a very organic feel that is the perfect addition to any table centre.

Anemones – With their black core, these flowers have the same feel as poppies but with a range of colours. They add a touch of drama to any arrangement.

Icelandic Poppies – These incredible flowers have the appearance of having tissue paper petals and we just love them! Their colours are astounding and the way they twist towards light is a wonder. They have a very short season and come in mixed colour wraps so they aren’t the easiest to use but if you like bold colours and textures, these are the flowers for you.



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