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Nobody likes to see beautiful flowers going unloved. 

We work hard to make sure waste is limited and that we are working as ethically as possible. A lot of our clients ask us about sustainable designs for their weddings and events, such as options that can be taken home by guests, and this is something we actively encourage. For anything that does come back to us, we have a few ways of making sure that the flower power continues. 




We are the largest donor to The Floral Angels and work closely alongside them (both metaphorically and physically) providing space for them to work from our studio twice a week, stationed on our work benches alongside our own florists.  

Run entirely by volunteers, the Floral Angels repurpose flowers from weddings and events into smaller posies to take to hospices, care homes, women’s shelters and other outstanding organisations who might need a little sunshine in their day.  

Ruari McCulloch, Pinstripes and Peonies’ Founder & Creative Director, has been a Trustee and Board Member of the charity since 2016. 90% of flowers that come back from our weddings and events are repurposed in this way, and we are immensely proud that our flowers render 65% of their annual donations. 





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Since January 2023, Pinstripes & Peonies have been sponsoring the local Herbert Morrison Primary School, in Vauxhall, to create a Natural Thinkers Garden for their students to enjoy.  

Previously unkept, with no resources for its maintenance, the space is gradually becoming abundant with thriving plants, shrubs and grasses that were once used at our events and weddings, thanks to our Pinstripes & Peonies gardeners who visit once a fortnight.  


Whilst ensuring we are working more sustainably and giving back to the community, the project is educating students about nature, wildlife and wellbeing in otherwise very urbanised surroundings.  


Following the success of this ongoing project, we are expanding in 2024 to a second school, Heathbrook Primary in Wandsworth, and we look forward to sharing news of its development in the years to come. 


We are thoughtful and considerate when placing flower orders. As a trader in a natural product, we are passionate about showcasing seasonality and always jump at the opportunity to discuss our passion with other event professionals and clients.  
Where possible we buy British-grown flowers. We also ensure that our suppliers source flowers from sustainable growers. We only work with firms whose environmental ethos matches our own and we ensure we know where the flowers originate from. This is one of the reasons we choose to be based at New Covent Garden Flower Market and purchase the majority of our flowers and foliage direct from the Market itself. 
We try to avoid the use of floral foam (Oasis) and only use the biodegradable version if necessary. We ensure our florists are trained in a variety of techniques to creatively avoid the use of floral foam. In venues where no water is allowed in floristry, we have taken time to discuss and educate the impact this can have on the environment, and the difference just a few millimetres of water in the bottom of a vase can have. 
We are ever evolving and are always trying to keep up to date with new ideas on how to make our company more sustainable to help future generations of florists. 

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