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Happy Birthday To Us!

Ten years ago today, Pinstripes and Peonies was formed in our Director's kitchen, and he still has the sawing marks on his worktops to prove it. We had so many plans of parties and flowers that would celebrate this incredible milestone but the world has had other ideas. So, our team has come together (separately) to remember some of our favourite events in Pinstripes and Peonies history.

Autumnal Love

Head of Event Design, Cathryn Goddard, picked this beautiful autumnal wedding at Royal Hospital Chelsea as her favourite pick; "Autumn is my favourite season and this design really felt like a collaboration with the couple. They wanted to bring colour, fun and all the elements of their personalities through with the flowers. It looked incredible, definitely one to remember."

Photo Credit: Imogen Xiana

Spring Makes Us Happy

Head Florist, Lucy Sinclair, also headed down the romantic path of past weddings with one of the largest weddings in the companies' history. "For me, this wedding embodied everything that Pinstripes and Peonies is about - great teamwork and absolutely beautiful flowers. The wedding was in April so we had all of the flowers we can see now; beautiful roses, blossom, wisteria, and sweetpeas." This sensational pink, Springtime dream of a wedding at the Natural History Museum is truly a momentous one for us!

Campervan Holiday?

Senior Event Designer, Sinead O'Halloran, also chose the Natural History Museum as the setting for her favourite event. The Museum has also celebrated a birthday in the last week - 139 years!! Sinead, also our Logistics Queen, remembered not only the incredible flowers but also the fun around delivering such a unique piece into a Museum venue; "What we didn't really think about at first was how we would get a VW Campervan into our regular van, so that took some creativity! We had to build the campervan its own skateboard as it was too heavy to lift. It meant that we could glide into the Museum which was perfect" - What a team effort!

Down the Rabbit Hole

Wedding Designer, Rosie Bailey, picked a recent Alice in Wonderland themed dinner at the V&A Museum. The design combined over-sized handmade flowers with bright and bold spring flowers using craspedia and Icelandic Poppies. "It was just so whimsical and colourful and I can't wait to do more like it!" While the Museum may not be open, we can all go to Wonderland with these stunning images!

Photo Credit: Hayley Farr

New York, New York

Our incredible Florist, Elouise Long, took us to distant shores with a trip to the US last year to compete in Fleur de Ville; "The incredible trip to New York to work on Fleur de Ville was the most incredible opportunity. It was amazing and I'm so grateful that I got to experience it." The girls had a hell of a journey, zero sleep, jet lag and somehow managed to create the most incredible design and walk away with an award.

It may not be as we planned, but the best thing will be the NEXT ten years.

Stay Safe and Flower Power,

Pinstripes and Peonies xx

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