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All You Wanted To Know: The Language of Flowers

Say it with flowers

Human beings have the wonderful habit of bestowing meaning onto almost anything, and flowers are no exception. Across the world and through the ages, people have seen flowers as symbolic, and interpretations differ from culture to culture. In Chinese culture, for example, red flowers represent celebration, and white is a symbol of death to be avoided at weddings. The Victorians (elaborate people that they were) invented an entire language of flowers, with different colours and species representing an intricate array of emotions; good and bad. Here are a few of our favourite wedding flowers and the secret meanings that make them all the more beautiful.

Lily of The Valley – Return of Happiness

A favourite with the royals, lily of the valley is coveted for its heavenly scent and delicate white flowers that hang like snowy jewels off its stem. A symbol of ‘the return of happiness’ this flower seems especially fitting for those post lockdown weddings when celebrations of togetherness will feel all the more precious. This gorgeous flower comes with a fitting price tag, but a few stems threaded through a bridal bouquet or in a buttonhole are all you need.

Photo Credit 1) Imogen Xiana, 2) Gooch and Gawler, 3) Imogen Xiana

Rosemary – Remembrance

Herbs might seem a strange thing to include in amongst your wedding flowers, but they can add a whole new dimension of texture and colour to arrangements. Rosemary is a particularly beautiful herb, with an evocative fragrance and leaves that showcase rich green and dusty olive tones. Rosemary is also symbolic of remembrance and can be a lovely homage to those that sadly cannot be with us on a special day.

Photo Credit 1) Flo Brooks, 2) Gooch and Gawler

Peony – Happy Marriage

Of course, peonies had to be on the list! It’s no surprise that we at Pinstripes & Peonies love these Summertime beauties. Peonies are renowned for their divine scent and delicate blousy petals. They’re perfect in bouquets or table arrangements and come in a stunning spectrum of red, white, pink and yellow shades. Peonies are also symbolic of a happy marriage, so they really are the perfect wedding flower. They also represent bashfulness, which is a bit of a weird one we admit, but we’re certainly willing to overlook!

Photo Credit 1 & 2) Holly Clarke, 2) Flo Brooks

Red Rose – Love

How could we not mention the red rose? These beautiful flowers are threaded throughout history, appearing in poems and art for hundreds of years as the ultimate emblem of affection. So universally recognised, they are the saviour of the ineloquent; helping people say ‘I love you’ without ever uttering a word. The most commonly used variety of red rose is the ‘Naomi’, these come in a stunning crimson shade, with large heads and a gorgeous scent.

So, there you have it. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this especially nerdy blog post!

Peace out and flower power,

Pinstripes & Peonies

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