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Metallic - Wreath Kit

Metallic - Wreath Kit


You can bring a piece of Pinstripes and Peonies to your home with one of our professional florist wreath making kits. We'll box up every wreath making supplies you could need to create, (or gift if you're feeling generous!) a perfect christmas wreath.


After you've purchased your wreath making kit, we'll send you a link to a private tutorial video so you can make your wreath in your own time, we'll even send you instructions in your box that you can keep forever and ever.


Our metallic wreath kits give you everything you need to make a Christmas wreath full of sparkle and joy.  This contemporary style allows you to bring light and happiness into the world - which we all need in 2020.


In your metallic wreath kit you will have:


  • Blue Pine Wreath,
  • Decorations (baubles, cinnamon sticks, copper pine cones, ribbon, gold holly, glitter leaves, and gold leaves),
  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks,
  • Wire,
  • Red Ribbon 
  • Hook for your Door


All of our kits are sent First Class, Royal Mail and will be sent out from the 20th November onwards.

  • Care Instructions

    If you're storing your wreath before you make it, make sure to keep it away from radiators as the pine will dry out.


    Your wreath should last the full festive season but, if you're hanging inside, ensure you keep your wreath away from radiators or heat.


    Scissors are sharp, and glue guns are hot. Take care of YOURSELF!


    You will have glitter all over yourself, embrace it. 

  • Delivery

    Please note that all wreaths will be sent out from the 20th November onwards so you have time to make them before December.

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