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Wreath Making Kits

At Pinstripes and Peonies, we have a long tradition of holding wreath making classes for our friends, clients and fellow suppliers within the events industry.

As 2020 has drawn to a close we, like so many others in the weddings and events sector, have not only struggled but desperately miss doing our jobs. While the champagne years are certainly over (we’re more into tap water these days), we didn’t want the year to end without our favourite festive moment. That is why we have launched our P&P Wreath Making Kits.

Those of you who know us, know that we love to have fun. We love watching people enjoy our flowers, make wreaths and all the joy that the season can bring. We love decorating Christmas trees, our florist team being covered in glitter, and making the world a more joyful place. Every year at our wreath classes, our favourite element (aside from the Dominic Ansell pastries - Welsh Rarebit Pastries are the one…) is seeing what each person who attends one of our classes creates.

The P&P Touch 

We give everyone the same ingredients but the wreaths that leave our Studio are all different. We want to create Christmas wreath kits that you can make at home but give you all the fun of a P&P workshop.

We say we always over-deliver and give you more for your money than anyone else. The gorgeous wreaths in the pictures are exactly what you get and what we'll deliver to your door. No surprises (unless you order the surprise wreath...)

We'll be there to help you make your wreath with our florist team creating video tutorials so you can follow along.

Included in the price is delivery, all the Christmas decorations your heart could desire, and all the supplies you'll use for your wreath: florist scissors, glue gun, wires, a hook for your door and the perfect accompanying ribbon.

To keep your wreaths unique, we’re giving you four different Christmas wreath styles to choose from so you don't have to search for your perfect Christmas decorations:

Natural Wreath Making Kit 

This wreath is for all you nature-lovers - a wreath filled with acorns, orange slices, natural pinecones, cinnamon sticks with ribbon to tie them neatly and miniature dried pumpkins. These gorgeous natural elements all sit onto a blue pine wreath and makes a homely addition to your festive decor. The natural wreath offers a combination of wiring elements and glue gunning (if that isn’t a verb already, we’re making it so), is great for those who want a blend of traditional skill and a more contemporary styling option.

We finish off the natural Christmas wreath with a hessian ribbon so you can hang your natural Christmas wreath with glee.  See more in our shop.

Metallic Wreath Making Kit 

Every year, we fill a table in our Studio with all the decorations we can find from New Covent Garden Flower Market. The first decorations to go? All that glitters! From golden pinecones to copper asparagus fern, we know you love to bring a little shimmer to your Christmas season, so this one is for all our magpies. 

Using a real luscious pine wreath as your base, you’ll have a golden addition to your door.  We’ll give you golden and glittering baubles, golden holly leaves, copper pinecones, delicate champagne leaves with glittering edges and golden Ruscus stems. We’ll also give you sweet-smelling cinnamon sticks to finish the look. 

To complete your magical metallic wreath, we’ll send you a champagne ribbon so your piece of festive joy can hang from your door. 

Traditional Wreath Making Kit 

What is Christmas without a little red and gold? 

If you’re a festive traditionalist at heart then our traditional wreath making kit is the one for you and your door.  

In our workshops, everyone loves a statement bow and there’s a florist’s knack to doing it. That’s why we had to feature one of our signature red velvet bows in our traditional wreath making kit.  

Alongside our festive bow, we’ve given you traditional decorations within a spectrum of red and gold for an unmistakably Christmas aesthetic. With pinecones, golden acorns (squirrels covet them), dried orange slices, fragrant whole dried oranges and glazed red berries. 

Surprise Wreath Making Kit

For those of you who know Pinstripes and Peonies, the surprise wreath making kit may not be, well, a surprise. But for those of you who are new to us, we like to have fun with our work and we like you to have fun too.  

We won’t tell you what decorations will accompany this amazing wreath. It could be pom-poms, unicorns or more baubles than you’ll know what to do with. What’s Christmas without a little mystery? After all, that's how Santa became so famous...

You can buy any one of our wreath making kits on our brand new online shop

Merry Christmas! 


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