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Shining A Light On: Zafferano

Usually just labelled as “the Events Industry” many people don’t realise how many moving parts there are to one event. Being a supplier at many of London’s famous venues means we get to work with many other companies, teams and talented folks. These include caterers, production, entertainment, AV, ice sculptors, pyrotechnics, and so much more!

This week we are Shining a Light On one of our favourite teams and fellow suppliers to collaborate with: the extraordinary Zafferano. These talented foodies are known for their creative event catering and passion for a theme! Their food is not only delicious, but also never fails to wow with their presentation and theatricality. We spoke to Laura Roberts, Event Sales Manager at Zafferano.

What is the best thing about working for Zafferano?

“Without a doubt, it’s the people!! Not just the people I work with on a daily basis (who are amazing!!!) but also the people from other areas of the incredible industry we get to work with when creating our events, i.e. you guys! 😊

We always say the people are our favourite thing about the industry too! It’s so lovely turning up on-site and seeing friendly faces. Tell us about a client brief that has really pushed boundaries.

“I think the event that most recently comes to mind was the first night party for Mary Poppins the musical. It was for 1000 people and held at the Victoria Palace theatre after the curtain had come down on that night’s performance of Hamilton. All of the setup, food prep, food stall installation, everything had to happen back of house in complete silence while the performance was happening. Once the show finished, and all of the guests had left, we only had 30 minutes to put everything in place front of house – including 7 food stalls and 3 pick n mix bars – before 1000 guests arrived on coaches from the other side of town. In typical Zafferano fashion, everything was themed and styled in line with the show, so lots of creative elements to set up as well. Under normal circumstances, an event for 1000 people with so much going on would be challenging but working in silence, BOH in a live theatre, managing hundreds of staff, with food stations and kitchens spread over 4 different floors, and a very small window to set up; it definitely keeps you on your toes and makes for a memorable event!!!”

1000 people?! Bravo, that’s incredible! And in silence too?! The P&P office is definitely not known for its silence…! What are your favourite venues to work in?

“Having grown up in the US where nothing is more than 400 years old, I am fascinated by the incredible historic venues we work in! It’s hard to pick one favourite, but two that are definitely on my list would be the V&A and Two Temple Place. Two venues on very opposite ends of the size spectrum but both have their logistical challenges with timed entries and multiple room setups and kitchen spaces, but they are also incredibly beautiful and create a stunning backdrop for every event we cater.”

Those are some excellent choices! Both are stunning venues, and we definitely have fond memories of working in both spaces with Team Zafferano! What would be your dream event to cater for?

“Something with lots of moving parts! I love a logistical challenge and am slightly obsessed with spreadsheets so anything that gets to combine the two.”

Spreadsheets, yass! You’re our kind of girl! To find out more about the wonderful work of Zafferano, take a look at their website or social media.

Zafferano are still providing their excellent catering services for small events both at home and in smaller venues. They have also recently launched a range of gourmet grazing boxes which are available for home or office delivery throughout the week as individual or sharing boxes – perfect for sharing with attendees over video conferences or for a summer treat at home!

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