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Shining a Light On: National Gallery

As event florists and wedding florists, we miss our venues so much in lockdown. We talked to the Head of Events at the National Gallery When our clients' ask what our favourite event is, we often struggle to answer - there are so many incredible things that we get to do. But, there is one day of the year that we love. While we've been locked down, we think of this day to remind ourselves of all the good things still to come.

For the past few years, we have been lucky enough to install the National Gallery's Christmas trees. We are the first people in the Gallery in the morning and as we roll 18ft Nordic Fir's through the world's most important art collections - each light flickers on bringing this iconic venue to life.

With a Christmassy tear in our eye, we reached out to the wonderful Clare Arouche, Head of Events, to chat about all things National Gallery.

What is the best thing about working at the National Gallery?

The Gallery is such a special place to work, to be surrounded by such history and masterpieces really does take some beating. Especially when we are running events out of hours and for a short time before the event starts we have the space all to ourselves…… it's magical!

That's our favourite thing too! It's the most incredible feeling! What do your clients always fall in love with on their first site visit?

When you arrive at the National Gallery onto the Portico Terrace, clients never fail to be impressed by the views over Trafalgar Square. Then, on entering the Gallery, the stunning stairs leading onto the Mosaic Terrace, it is not hard for them to picture their own clients arriving in style for an evening of entertainment in the Galleries.

You cannot fail to fall in love with that space - and it's the most amazing entrance! It gives us goosebumps every time! Which spaces do you wish clients used more?

Gallery A! It showcases 600 years of painting in one contemporary space. Housing paintings, dating from the 13th to the 20th centuries and emphasises the range and variety of our entire collection. It works brilliantly for events with different sections to the space allowing say a presentation in one side and catering in the other.

One of our favourite National Gallery events was in Gallery A. We created our first ombre table full of pinks and purples - one we'll remember forever! What would be your dream event to do at the National Gallery?

Up to now, the Gallery has not traditionally been a venue for private events but 'coming soon' we will be opening ourselves up for private events. I would love to see a beautiful wedding reception take place in our stunning Barry Rooms. With its spectacular domed roof, ornamental marble pillars and masterpieces lining the walls, it just makes this space the perfect backdrop for such occasions.

What an amazing place for a wedding, that would be the dreamiest place to say I do! We'll be there with our bouquets and buttonholes!

You can find our how you can hire this extraordinary venue here and you can contact the team on

Peace out and flower powers,

Pinstripes and Peonies xx

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