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WEDDING TIPS: Questions to Ask Your Florist

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

As wedding florists, we find that most couples start with an apology; “sorry, we don’t know very much about flowers.” You don’t have to apologise, that is why you have us.

Flowers are an unknown: how much they cost, what’s in season, what lasts, what flowers come in which colours. It can be daunting. Here are a few things to ask your florist and what you need to tell your florist when you first in enquire.

What we need to know:

When? Even if you don’t have a set date, just the month can be enough, so we can get the seasonality right for you.

Where? If you have a venue in mind or even if you are debating between a few, let us know and we can let you know what you need and what you don’t.

Ceremony venue? Let us know if you are having the ceremony in a different venue to your reception, then we can factor in moving arrangements from the beginning.

Who? Let us know a little about you, then we can add in the personal touch.

Budget? This is a tricky one but let us know if you have an allocated amount for flowers, then we can guide you on what we can do and if we are the right florist for you.

What? The most important question. What would you like? It’s your day so don’t be scared to say when you want something specific or don’t like something.

What to ask:

What is in season? Your florist can give you an outline of what is available as a first idea of designs.

Rough prices? We are always happy to give a guide on pricing at initial enquiry but this will change as we design for you. This will help you with initial budgets.

Who will be there on the day? We only have one point of contact for you throughout the process, but always check with your florist of choice.

Can you move flowers from one space to another? Whether this moving from ceremony to reception or from reception to evening, check your florist can do this for you.

Deadlines. When do they need final payment by and final numbers for table centres, buttonholes etc.

What happens to the flowers after? Can Guests take the flowers home? If you would like Guests to take flowers home, make sure that you tell your florist – then they can factor in the vases to your costs.

Any hidden costs? We lay out every cost from our initial quote and we don’t hide labour costs as a surprise on your bill; it’s always worth double checking.

VAT. Many suppliers, ourselves included, send your our prices as ex. VAT. Just be aware that an extra 20% will need to be included – we can’t have the tax man angry at us!

Your florist is here to help you. Meet them in person and get a gauge of whether you think it’s the right fit for you. Trust is the most important thing on your wedding day and these questions will help you get over the starting hurdle!



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