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A few weeks ago, we brought you the #PinstripesChallenge of 'Foraged Foliage Wreaths'. Now, just in time for the Easter weekend, we bring you Egg Box Easter Wreaths!

As with all of our challenges, you can make this wreath with items you have around the house.

What you will need:

  • Cardboard egg boxes.

  • An empty cereal box (or something similar in size such as a pizza box, etc.)

  • Empty toilet rolls/ any other bits of cardboard from the recycling bin.

  • 1 x Dinner plate and 1 x side plate/ bowl or something similarly round.

  • Scissors.

  • PVA glue or similar.

  • Paint & paintbrushes for decorating.

  • Easter snacks – Hello hot cross bun.

Step One: Creating the hoop base

Open up your cereal box and lay it flat with the plain side facing up. Using a dinner plate, draw around the plate onto the cardboard to create the outer edge of your wreath. Take a slightly smaller side plate and draw around this inside your large circle - these circles will create a hoop. Cut around the outer and inner circle to leave you with a ring – this is your base!

Step Two: Transforming egg boxes into flowers!

Take your egg boxes and cut out each 'egg cup' keeping the sides intact (see images below). When you've finished this, take each egg cup and curl the four arms backwards, bending them over a paintbrush if that helps, to create the petals.

Step Three: Grab those coveted loo rolls!

Taking your empty toilet rolls (or what other cardboard you have) cut them long-ways down the middle to create a flat piece of cardboard. Using a pencil, draw some large petal or leaf-style shapes and cut these out. As with the eggboxes above, if it's easier, curl them by bending them over a paintbrush if you'd like a more realistic effect!

Step Four: Design your flowers

With your cut out egg cups, and your new petals/ leaves, you can create different style florals. We'll let your imagination go wild, but here are a few ideas to help you begin:

  • Layer two egg cups on top of each other to create a multi-layered petal effect (image 1 below).

  • Trim the pointy end of the petals into a more rounded curve

  • Use scissors to create a spikey effect (image 2 below)

  • Layer the petal and leaf shapes under the egg cup and fan them into a circular shape (image 3 below)

  • Whatever else you fancy, it's your wreath!

Use your PVA glue here to stick things together as you need.

Step Five: Arranging the flowers onto your wreath

Taking your circular hoop from Step One, arrange your flowers onto it. Let your creativity reign free here! You can place them in a luscious layer, or group them in clusters. You could go for a stylish a-symmetric affair, or if symmetry is more your style - mirror the top and bottom.

TOP TIP: We recommend laying everything down first before glueing as this means you can change your mind on the design and move things easily.

Once you are happy with your design, get sticking! Placing PVA on the base of the flowers, stick them directly onto the hoop. It might help using a paintbrush to dab on the glue.

Step Six: It's time for colour!

Once all your flowers are stuck down, give the glue a little time to dry (your bottle should advise how long this will take but usually a good 20 minutes will be fine). Then get your paints ready and colour away! For Easter, we love vibrant yellows, oranges and pinks. You can do whatever takes your fancy – tropical vibes, monochrome, rainbow colours to support the NHS! It's all beautiful.

Step Seven: Show it off

By now, you should have a fully formed, beautifully painted Easter wreath. Hang your creations on your door, in a window, and let it bring smiles to your neighbours. Please send us pictures of your efforts! Tag us @pandpflowers, and the best creations will win a prize when the office reopens!

Happy wreathing and Happy Easter.

Peace Out & Flower Power,

Team Pinstripes & Peonies x

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