Pinstripes and Peonies have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility and are committed to giving back wherever we can. We love the community in which we operate and we wholeheartedly believe in the charities we support. By working with our chosen charities, we are indirectly working to support a number of nationally recognised and smaller charities within our local community.

Pinstripe and Peonies are delighted to have been working with Floral Angels since they opened their stand in the Flower Market in 2013. Formed by three inspired ladies, the aim of the charity is to bring joy and improve well-being through the power of giving flowers to those in need.

Following an event, we collect the flowers our clients no longer have use for and donate them to the Floral Angels to use or restyle accordingly. They are then delivered to worthy beneficiaries such as care homes, hospices, homeless shelters and women refuges in London and Greater London.

Floral Angels is run entirely by volunteers and as a proud ‘green’ charity, working with them enables us to recycle our flowers in the best possible way, creating sustainability within the floral industry and helping improve quality of life for those in need within our own community.

We also provide flowers for Floral Angels’ popular floral therapy sessions, held for those who will benefit from the therapeutic qualities of working with flowers, social interaction and creative expression.

Local Planting Schemes

We are proud to be based in Vauxhall and love being part of such a vibrant and inclusive community. We regularly donate plants and flowers to local projects, take part in street planting and guerrilla gardening projects and welcome any opportunity to help make Vauxhall a brighter, greener environment in which to live and work.

We also donate plants, flowers and seeds to…

Thrive Battersea, a local charity, which uses gardening to bring about positive, motivational changes in the lives of people living with disabilities or ill health and those who are isolated, disadvantaged or vulnerable in some way. Gardening within a safe and secure background can offer much-needed respite, an opportunity to meet people and a sense of purpose. It is also very rewarding and helps those involved gain practical skills and increase confidence.

St Mungo’s is a homelessness charity and housing association which, amongst other activities, also uses gardening to help those who are homeless or are at risk of being homeless gain new skills and confidence, with the aim of making them more independent and self-reliant.